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With  8+ years in the I.T Industry, as a specialized Consultant has delivered on large-scale projects such as overseeing the day-to-day IT operations of the entire Abu Dhabi Film Festival since 2009. Mohamad, an innovative entrepreneur supported by innate IT skills initially developed a generalized IT consulting firm from scratch which he has since transformed into a one-of-a-kind IT consultancy business model catering to dental clinics. His experience has paved a track record of success lined with client satisfaction, repeat business, referrals & expanding engagements. 

With his growing passion for TV.Presenting and Events Hosting, Mohamad has managed to juggle both his entrepreneurial life and Events Life, for the past 5 years, with his ability to manage crowds of different ages, and different sizes reaching up to 30,000 K in a tournament finale, Mohamad brings the best standards to a formal event stage, and a sporting event field, through writing, memorizing and livening up the scripts, and the prompt interaction to handle any stage surprises. He became a well-known face on the events stages around Dubai.

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